Sheffield Solar is a research group based at The University of Sheffield. The group forms part of Project Sunshine, which aims to harness the power of the sun to tackle the increasing food and energy needs of the world’s population in light of uncertain climate and global environment change. The project is comprised of:

Sheffield Solar Farm

The Sheffield Solar Farm provides real world testing and demonstration of photovoltaics using the test bed located on the Hicks Building roof here in Sheffield.

The testbed features two 4 kWp arrays of crystalline silicon PV alongside several new and existing PV technologies, linking laboratory testing to field application. The data collected is available online for researchers, installers, policy makers and the public. Visitors to the site are able to see real time generation data along with the sun’s irradiance.

Microgen Database

The Microgen Database is a public-industry-academic collaboration providing solar photovoltaic performance data for use across the UK PV supply chain. The project is funded by the EPSRC and The University of Sheffield (via the Higher Education Innovation Fund), to promote knowledge transfer and new links between industry, society and academia. It relies on data donation from individual domestic PV owners and commercial PV operators. The site reports back on the performance of systems from which data are donated, so donors can see how well their system is performing in the context of others in their area and across the country.

If you have data and would like to contribute for the common good of UK PV please sign up using the links at the top of this page.

Contact Us

If you have a question about the Microgen Database website or are experiencing a problem, please email our team. For queries about our research or our other projects, you can email Sheffield Solar or contact us on Facebook or Twitter using the links below.

Alternatively you can telephone 0114 222 3533.

Click here to find out more about the Sheffield Solar Team, including individual contact details.

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