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FIT charges

I would add that for all of us who have our utility supplier doing our FiT admin, we do already pay their grid Standing Charge. In my case, this is not particularly for my benefit as I export more than I import.

I'd be outraged at any attempt at a further charge. In that event I think I'd be inclined to register for VAT as a bona-fide solar generation business and reverse charge SSE for my own adminstration overheads in the same way! It could certainly be a credible threat.

Economy 10 tariff provides 6.9p/kWh off-peak import between 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm; http://www.pvoutput.org/aggregate.jsp?id=21047&sid=18934&v=2&t=m on approx. 63% off-peak usage, 22% solar usage, and 15% peak-rate usage.
1,900kWh annually is exported, mostly in summer, on approx. 3,200kWh generation. Approx. 4,500kWh/year is imported, mostly for (a) winter and springtime off-peak Storage Heaters, and (b) off-peak hot water Immersion heating (which is “dumb”, i.e. not linked to the solar PV).
PV array is split East-West. Income is from Phase II 21p/kWh Feed-in-Tariff plus smart metered 3.2p/kWh Export Tariff.

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FIT charges

Bit late to this. I have been with SSE since Dec 2011 (installation) and have not been charged any admin fees or other fees for handling the account. I would move pretty swiftly to another FIT payer if they did.

Of course, that does not mean that they are not trying it on or that they may change the regime in the future.


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FIT charges


You have signed up for the export contract for 20/25 years with SSE.

The relevant clause will be in the T&C's of the agreement. That should you change Export provider then a reasonable admin fee will apply. As they all pay the same amount under the FITs scheme for your export electricity there is little reason to move? So, you can move your import electricity and gas provider without upsetting the Export Electricity contract.

i.e. My import supplier for both Electric and Gas is First Utility and my export for electricity is with SSE.

Hope this clears up the confusion. )


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FIT charges

My FiT contract was initially with SSE until approx. 2 years ago and I then transferred it to Good Energy at the same time that I switched to GE as a dual-fuel customer; I have not yet been charged any fees by either company…


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