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Immersun-Warm Air Heating?

Hi Rogerhoward,

My Warmwise meter is only smart in that it is controlled by a radio signal. Other than that it just has three different kWh displays for different times of the day for normal house load and a forth kWh display for Off peak which controls a 100A contractor.

The system is at least 40 years old as it was installed when the house was built. There was no gas supply in this road back in 1984, so the need for night storage heating.

Don't know about PVoutput, but will have a look.

My usage since 12 Aug to 30 Nov:

Weekday 349kWh
Evening/weekend 577 kWh
Night 722 kWh
Heating 3174kWh
PV generation 944 kWh
Surplus diverted 532 kWh
Wind & Small PV 10.3 kWh

Regards Back Yard Solar

SolarEdge SE4000 inverter, 16 x Romag powerglaz 235W panels. South facing at 30 degree angle in Surrey just East of Gatwick and under the flight path.

ESS AC coupled system using a Victron Multiplus 24V/1600VA Inverter/Charger - 8.16kW Trojan 875 battery bank.

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Immersun-Warm Air Heating?

BackYardSolar. 1.5kW per day is brilliant! As you are “all electric” how much electricity do you use for washing, cooking and dish washing?
BackYardSolar's right. Our household exports more than imports (see signature below). It just requires you to get your whole household's “buy in” to grid-importing only at grid-friendly “off peak” times.
(Because this subject needs to show up better on the list of Forum Threads, I'll now continue this on the already separated thread if you don't mind! See http://www.microgen-database.org.uk/forum/topic/146

Economy 10 tariff provides 6.9p/kWh off-peak import between 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm; http://www.pvoutput.org/aggregate.jsp?id=21047&sid=18934&v=2&t=m on approx. 63% off-peak usage, 22% solar usage, and 15% peak-rate usage.
1,900kWh annually is exported, mostly in summer, on approx. 3,200kWh generation. Approx. 4,500kWh/year is imported, mostly for (a) winter and springtime off-peak Storage Heaters, and (b) off-peak hot water Immersion heating (which is “dumb”, i.e. not linked to the solar PV).
PV array is split East-West. Income is from Phase II 21p/kWh Feed-in-Tariff plus smart metered 3.2p/kWh Export Tariff.


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