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Since the start of England's abortive World Cup campaign we seem to have gone eerily quiet here. Could we cheer ourselves up with the thought of our coming quarterly Feed-in-Tariff payment? Consider our poor Spanish counterparts. Not only were their superstars well and truly spanked, but in response to their country's debt crisis pre-existing solar installations like ours had their Feed-in-Tariffs retrospectvely cut!

Economy 10 tariff provides 6.9p/kWh off-peak import between 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm; http://www.pvoutput.org/aggregate.jsp?id=21047&sid=18934&v=2&t=m on approx. 63% off-peak usage, 22% solar usage, and 15% peak-rate usage.
1,900kWh annually is exported, mostly in summer, on approx. 3,200kWh generation. Approx. 4,500kWh/year is imported, mostly for (a) winter and springtime off-peak Storage Heaters, and (b) off-peak hot water Immersion heating (which is “dumb”, i.e. not linked to the solar PV).
PV array is split East-West. Income is from Phase II 21p/kWh Feed-in-Tariff plus smart metered 3.2p/kWh Export Tariff.

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I hope that Cameron Osbourne don't read that!


URN 215 North Yorkshire 3.96 kWp, S facing, 40 deg tilt, minor shading

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