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Retro FIT claim

I have a friend who has recently bought a new property with 2Kw PV system insatlled.  The builder wnet bust and a FIT certificate was not supplied.

My question is - does anybody know if it is allowed for friend tp could get a MSC accredited company to inspect the system and then supply a FIT certificate from that date.

It seems to me that it would be unfare that the electricity company would get free electricity from the PV system.

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Retro FIT claim

Did you ever get a response to this?

From my experiance an MCS certificate is issused for the situation at the time of certification (like an MOT certificate for a car).

In fact Ofgen did an audit of suppliers paying FITs and found some had paid FITs from the date of installation rather than the MCS certificate and made them recover the cash and change the FIT contract date to that of the MCS.

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