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Confusing Export & Generation Meters

I've just registered my system, but I noticed the site refers to export meters when I'm 99% it means generation meters.

Export meters are quite unusual for domestic installations as most FiT suppliers use a 50% deemed export assumption. This will change in future I understand when Smart Meters roll out, which will be able to measure import and export (rather than just import).

So the registration page needs updating, and also the meter reading submission page, which currently reads:

We need the total energy produced by your PV system. This should be the reading from your export meter. If you are unable to access your export meter, we can accept data from the inverter instead.

Instead the text should refer to generation meters.

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Confusing Export & Generation Meters

You are quite correct about this.  I have pushed it up the priority list for the web developers.  Apologies for the confusion.


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Confusing Export & Generation Meters

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