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free Smart Meters

I hate to sound pedantic, but when there is talk of Smart meters being free. I have to say this is not exactly true.
It appears we will have to pay for them via our utility bills.


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free Smart Meters

Hi..in my case My current supplier Eon offered me a free smart meter but when I spoke to their FiT and Smart meter departments it became clear that there was no export metering or display functionality. Eons offer was based own their own smart meter system

through hole pcb assembly

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free Smart Meters

Then by definition it wasn't a smart meter that they had intended to install, whatever their claims.

As it happens, my mother has just had a new meter from her Eon supplier installed, and it was just an ancient Landis & Gyr E150 - a model that was discontinued ages ago and which you won't nowadays even find on their website; http://www.landisgyr.co.uk/products/electric-meters/residential-meters/

Economy 10 tariff provides 6.9p/kWh off-peak import between 12am-5am, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm; http://www.pvoutput.org/aggregate.jsp?id=21047&sid=18934&v=2&t=m on approx. 63% off-peak usage, 22% solar usage, and 15% peak-rate usage.
1,900kWh annually is exported, mostly in summer, on approx. 3,200kWh generation. Approx. 4,500kWh/year is imported, mostly for (a) winter and springtime off-peak Storage Heaters, and (b) off-peak hot water Immersion heating (which is “dumb”, i.e. not linked to the solar PV).
PV array is split East-West. Income is from Phase II 21p/kWh Feed-in-Tariff plus smart metered 3.2p/kWh Export Tariff.


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