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Moixa's 'Maslow' battery trials

Just done a “back of a fag packet” calculation. Use 3 kWh stored in the battery (from daytime generation) every night throughout the year (optimistic I know). So that makes 15p minus 3.44p (Cost of electricity from the grid minus the amount you would have got if you exported it). That equals 11.56p per kWh times 3 for a daily saving, equals about 35p. Times by 365 to find the saving over a year, and by 10, (the guarantee period for the battery) equals £1277.50.
in our case in an all electric village -no mains gas using the standard two tier rate. Assuming you used the electric during the off peak rate (times depend on supplier)
then( (6p-3.44) x3 x365 x10)/100 =£280.32

I think it will take a lot of convincing that it would be economically viable here. However if there was some Uninterruptible Supply (UPS) it could be attractive given the frequency of short period outages particularly in wintertime


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