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Microgen Doner Promotional Leaflet


I vaguely remember there being a poster or leaflet done a while ago to try to promote getting more doners. Am I imagining it or if not where can I find it?

I have noticed a fair few new houses have got solar panels put up in the last 6 months in my local area, non have gone onto the db so I was wondering if I put something through their letterbox it might encourage more doners.

I was thinking, if there was a section on it to link to us (the local doner), maybe by URN then they can compare local generation which is what I am interested in doing and I am sure lots on here would also like to do.


URN 131, 3.92KWp 12x 327W E20 SunPower panels Sunnyboy 4000 inverter, facing ~south, no shading issues. Location: Sussex, http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=12216

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Microgen Doner Promotional Leaflet

Hi Kevin,

Here is the latest leaflet. Looks like we need to produce another version which is more home print friendly and with the performance checker, but it's unlikely that we'll have time for that for a while.

hope this helps anyway.


attachment A5_microgen_flyer_small.pdf (912.9 KB)


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