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Today marks the end on my first five years with solar panels and the feed in tariff. Total for the period comes to 20021 Kwh:

2011-12 3886 Kwh
2012-13 3952 Kwh
2013-14 4123 Kwh
2014-15 4123 Kwh
2015-16 3937 Kwh
Average Year 4004.2 Kwh

In terms of payback, the break even day is around 1 September 2017 which has been almost constant since I began keeping records as there have only been slight increases in the tariff in those five years (unless I've missed something). That period is significantly better than the nine years forecast by the pundits at the time of installation.

After 1 Sep 17 I'll be putting the FIT payments aside to buy a new transformer as I'm sure that just when I think that I'm in profit there will be a major component failure.

Excellent results Shiner! I expect you meant Inverter though!
Yes. Inverter is what I meant. Not totally au fait with the terminology even after five years. I suspect that if bits break, I'll soon become proficient.
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