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This is actually a serious question. A neighbour knocked on my door and told me he saw a squirrel climbing up the side of my house and under the solar panels on my roof. I went out and looked and saw the squirrel just sitting under the panel eating a nut. My worry is that it could start chewing through the electric wires and do a lot of damage. Has anyone had any experience of this?
I've heard of pigeons nesting under the panels (the solution was wire netting to exclude them I think). Under the panels can get hot so there is an increased fire risk, especially if a cable is damaged.

I guess if you've only seen the squirrel there once in which case it's unlikely to be a problem.

Rats might cause the same damage and they are sometimes occupiers of lofts. Is there a hole in the roof that might attract squirrels or rats as a possible nesting opportunity?

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We had pigeons nesting under our array.
We asked a roofer to put rolled-up chicken wire under the edges off the panels and all has been well for some years now. No pigeons (or other avian species) and no nesting material and no risk of the dry nesting material being ignited by the heat from the back of the panels in summer.
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South-facing 3.36kWHr array
Thanks for the helpful information. I am keeping an eye to see if it going back or this was a one off
I have checked the roof and there is definitely no hole
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