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Courtiestown Introduction

Good Morning All,

I've just joined the forum and have submitted readings from my PV system going back to 2014.

I have some 3840W of BP380J panels installed going through 3 separate SMA inverters and the system has been online since July 2008. 1.28kW is ROC/ FIT's and the newer install is all FIT's.

1.28kW of this is bolted to a Lorentz tracker.

In December last year we had a CTC GSi 12 GSHP installed along with the CTC Ecosol solar thermal system and 3off Navitron supplied 4720AL 20 tube ET panels and a 300ltr Gledhill heat store. At the same time I installed an Immersun MkII which is connected to one of the two immersion heaters in the heat store.

I am currently approaching my DNO with a view to expanding the solar PV installation (which I know will not attract any FITs payments). We live in a rural location and are about 30-40 metres away from the 11kV over head line and transformer.

The extra PV capacity is being thought about in conjunction with getting a battery storage system up and running.

We are green by inclination but a lot of our decisions are also partly driven by government driven subsidies, interest free loans, FITs pay and RHI payments.

We're also looking at getting a Tesla 3 in due course supported by interest free loans.

FYI I note the Home Energy Scotland are currently not offering any support for renewable technologies only loans for EV's. I don't know if this is a temporary thing and things will return to ‘normal’ after the election?



1.28kW ROC/ FIT and 2.56k FIT and SMA inverters. 1.675kW fitted to Growatt SP2000 via SMA inverter. CTC GSi12 heat pump with 3 x Navitron 4720AL Solar ET panels coupled to 300ltr EHS. Renault Zoe on the way…


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Courtiestown Introduction

Welcome to the forum linesrg. Plenty of gen there. I just wonder what DNO stands for?

The gene pool has no lifeguard!


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Courtiestown Introduction


Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Companies. This is not necessarily your local (REC) Regional Electricity Company/supplier, but probably Power Networks who operate the local networks and need to be informed of any generation that may disrupt the local network. Basically generating over 4kWh would need their permission.

SolarEdge SE4000 inverter, 16 x Romag powerglaz 235W panels. South facing at 30 degree angle in Surrey just East of Gatwick and under the flight path.

ESS AC coupled system using a Victron Multiplus 24V/1600VA Inverter/Charger - 8.16kW Trojan 875 battery bank.


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