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Systems failing and Owners not noticing

This problem is unlikely to happen to people who are members of this forum, however.

I have become aware of two problems recently from acquaintances who have solar panels.

The first instance was an elderly recently widowed lady whose inverter had failed. Her husband was a pioneer of solar and had installed several years before the FIT scheme came in. The lady contacted the company who installed the system some 10 years ago. The company is still trading and appeared not to be interested in helping their former customer. The inverter warranty had expired and the inverter company was not interested either. I got involved as I had contacts at the installer from the days I ran a solar PV buying group. Her problem then got sorted in less than a week.

Then this week, another lady got in touch with me. Her system had been down for 9 months without her being aware. In this case, the inverter had been switched off by someone inadvertently and just needed switching back on.

Lessons from this?

Not everyone is like us. Some people with no technical aptitude can be totally ignorant of problems with their systems.

Solar installers need to be more customer friendly, especially to elderly people who have no technical knowhow and who may not be assertive enough to get the service they deserve.


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