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Solar iBoost sums

I've measured my hot water cylinder and looked at the specs for my immersion heater and come to the conclusion that the top 60 or so litres of water are heated by the imersion heater.

My Solar iBost told me that yesterday it diverted 4 kWh of electricity to said immersion heater. Assuming 100% efficiency for simplicity, what temperature rise would I have seen in the 60 litres ?

I could have done the sums myself 50 years ago after doing A level physics, but I'm getting lazy in my old age and hope that someone else can do the apropriate conversion calculations.

Regards, Steve


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Solar iBoost sums

4 kWh is equivalent to 3439380 calories

60 litres of water has a mass of 60000 gm

Therefore temp rise is 3439380/60000 deg C which is just over 57 deg.

Lewis Watson (physics a level 1954).

PS Used Google to get conversion factor!


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