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Smart meters

Hi bhommels,

I actually built the openenergymonitor.org solar diverter posted by Robin Emery and that has diverted over 9MWh into hot water and night storage since Sept 2012. I suspect I don't export any energy from October to April only in the summer months once my water is hot.

As an example over the last two weeks I generated 135kWh and diverted 101kWh. The other 34kWh suppling the house load.

But I will give the openenergy monitor a look, as I would like to know my export kWh.

Regards, BYS.

SolarEdge SE4000 inverter, 16 x Romag powerglaz 235W panels. South facing at 30 degree angle in Surrey just East of Gatwick and under the flight path.

ESS AC coupled system using a Victron Multiplus 24V/1600VA Inverter/Charger - 8.16kW Trojan 875 battery bank.


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Smart meters

Hi BYS, Robin's device can be fitted with a RFM12 module if I am correct, and with a bit of tinkering it could be made to transmit accumulated sums of imported, exported and diverted power. Another device would then be required to receive (display!) and log the data. This could be another Arduino with SD card shield, or a Raspberry Pi with RFM12 extension. The latter could push the data straight into a web-based database service. Regards Bart


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