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Full Version: Ofgem changes to grid standing charge
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Are solar households about to be penalised under Ofgem's intended changes to our ‘standing charge’?
See the favoured ‘Capacity basis’ described at
I don't understand the jargon in that article. Can you translate, Roger?

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I don't understand the jargon in Roger Howard's post either, but I think I understand what he was getting at.

I believe OFGEM is currently in consultation (with whom I don't know) about the future of the FIT system. It appears that OFGEM is claiming that households who have PV panels are not paying a fair contribution to the use, and therefore maintenance of, the National Grid, and that we should therefore somehow be financially penalised, probably by a surcharge.

This is a barmy attitude to take, as surely the whole idea of having PV panels is to reduce demand on power stations and this was encouraged by the Government. I have a bigger than average house, and still pay more on my electric utility bill than the man up the road who lives in a bungalow and spends most of his day away from home. Surely he is contributing less towards the National Grid than I am, so why isn't OFGEM considering getting him to pay more?

My children left home a few years ago, and not only has my power consumption reduced, but so has my water bill; should I be now charged more because I am contributing less towards maintenance of the water mains?

I have just changed my 20 year old gas fired central heating boiler for a modern A rated condensing boiler (as recommended by the Government), so expect my gas bills to reduce quite considerably. Will I now be penalized for not paying as much as before for the gas mains?
I dont know why OFGEM is penalising solar power and also penalising electric cars.
I wonder what will happen when the oil and gas run out.
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