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Due to a planned house extension I have to relocate my invertor from its current location at one end of my loft to somewhere else. The easiest would be to move it to the other end of the loft but I’m considering relocating it into my detached garage with no heating.

The current setup consists of a 2m DC cable run from the panels on the roof to the invertor and then a 9m AC cable run from the invertor to the generation meter. If I were to keep the invertor in the loft both DC and AC runs would be extended by approx. 7m and 4m respectively making them DC=9m, AC=13m.

Moving the invertor to the garage would result in cable runs of DC=15m and AC=4m. I’m told that DC runs have lower losses than AC so this should be a good thing and the invertor will be far more accessible and in a cooler environment with a smaller temperature range, so hopefully good for invertor life.

Is there anything I’m missing here or is it good all round to move the invertor to the garage?

Any advice on what cable size would be best? I have a 4kwp system and the cables will be routed across my loft, down the outside of my house, under a path and then into my garage.

Has anyone moved their invertor and if so how much should I expect to pay for this?

Do I have to tell anyone that I’ve moved it?

URN143 - 4.00Kwp - 20x 200w Caymax panels - Aurora 3.6 Inverter located in loft - facing perfectly south on 35deg pitched roof - minor shading in winter when sun is low early morning/late afternoon – Location DE74
You could download and install SMA's Sunny Design software and define a system to match your existing one, then play with cable sizes and lengths to see the effects on performance. I've used version 2.30.0.R in the past to do that.

Regards, Steve
Thanks Steve, I'll have a go at that.
There are various online calculators for the power loss in cables. I've used this one but it's for DC only :

There's also this one if you can understand it:

I think your losses will still be quite small (< 1%) if you use 4mm DC cables but it's worth checking.

Good luck with the move.

URN 215
3.96kWp; S facing; 2 strings of 9 x Moser Baer 220W CAAP-BB panels; SMA 3600TL inverter

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