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Late Data Submission?

Hi Jamie,Hitting the “analyze my system” button still does not what it suggests. My request has been sitting in 2nd place in the queue for the last 3 days. The re-analysis timer counts down from 10mins to 0 after which it starts back at 10 mins without anything else happening (?)

Sorry for the slow response, i've been away since before Christmas and this is my first week back. While I was away the machine that runs the analysis for the queued URNs ran into some issues and stopped processing the queue. I've fixed this now so your analysis should have completed and the button should now work again. Feel free to send a direct message to me if you spot this happening again as i'll get the notification much quicker.

Best wishes,


P.S. The counter on the My PV page is just the time until the next analysis is scheduled to run, it doesn't actually interact with the analysis code due different programming languages used between the website and the analysis. Gradually I am migrating all of the analysis code into Python (i.e. same as the website backend) so that the analysis can be run directly on the webserver and triggered instantly, in which case there wouldn't need to be a queue.

Jamie Taylor (Sheffield Solar Team)


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