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You need to get the DC sorted sooner rather than later as DC will arc and cause a fire.


See this link not something you want, or just Google solar panel fire.

SolarEdge SE4000 inverter, 16 x Romag powerglaz 235W panels. South facing at 30 degree angle in Surrey just East of Gatwick and under the flight path.

ESS AC coupled system using a Victron Multiplus 24V/1600VA Inverter/Charger - 8.16kW Trojan 875 battery bank.


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I was never told when I purchased my system that the avergae life of an inverter is reckoned to be about 8 years.I have had my system 5 and it is still going strong…Have any members had their inverter go down?The quoted price of a Sunny Boy 3000 is about £600. Replaving an inverter ought to be a trivial job. How much have members paid?Care to share your experiences?

Fronius inverter fitted 2010 now shows fault which will mean failure very soon. New Inverter, Model Upgrade (Fronius), due to be fitted soon. What does by FIT provider (SSE) need to know?
I am UKs most Northerly Microgen Subscriber.


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mine also have 10 years guarantee…
And have brought at 3 years longs.
Till now it is working strong. ad didn't have any complaint.
I have heard same issues of inverter that happened to some people .
don't know detail about this issue.
don't you have a guarantee period for your inverter


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