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Hi. Has anyone heard or seen what the new FIT rate will be from the 1st April 2014 for installations less than 4KW (installed 2010). I dont know if the information has been published yet, but from a quick scan I could not find anything. I believe the current rate is 46p for generation and 3p for export.



I have been trying to find an official answer also.

Current rates are 46.81p and 3.30p.  RPI as at end of December 2013 was up 2.7% which should make the new rates 48.07p and 3.39p.  But those are just my calculations and expectations.  I don't think OFGEM have published anything yet.


OFGEM have recently (31 Jan 2014) published the latest FiT table which takes account of the annual increase in RPI published for December 2013, 2.7%.    For early adopters, as predicted, the rate from 1 April 2014 will be 48.07p and the Export Tariff will be 3.39p, effectively giving a total of 49.765p per kWh generated.


Good to hear that my O'Level Maths has not rusted away completely.


Thanks all for your help, and glad all the hard work payed off on the A level.

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