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Recently I have been assessing my system against neighbours and found that my system generally performs worse than others with similar setups. Obviously there are many factors which could be causing this but one idea that came to mind is where people take their readings from. I have submitted readings from my generation meter, situated next to the consumer unit, but now believe that maybe I should have taken the readings from the invertor, which has higher readings. Which readings do you submit (particularly interested in URN1656, 1692, 1964 & 7337)?
The export meters found on inverters are not calibrated. Generation meters are, so those are the only ones that can be trusted. My inverter for example under-reports by almost 2%. As inverters offer downloadable daily readings, and I am not keeping daily generation meter readings, I correct the inverter readings to match the monthly generation meter readings before submitting (URN93).
Thanks for your reply bhommels, seems a bit quiet otherwise. I’m surprised that your inverter reading is less than your generation meter as there are losses incurred between the two. I’m pretty sure that others on here do not submit the generation meter reading (like we do) to the Microgen Database as many seem to use downloaded data (from the inverter).
Hi gbrain.
My inverter reads about 1.0% low compared to the generation meter. In the literature that was supplied with the inverter an accuracy of +1.5% to -1.5% was claimed. It's probable that the inaccuracy of the meter is greater than the power lost over 0.5m of wiring.
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