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Hard to say but possible.

I notice your Battery Temps seem particularly high. Can you graph battery temp for the month. What is the minimum average night time battery temperature you have?

Capacity Left at lowest point.
FULL means it was charged to 100% and then discharged to 05:00 the next day.
EMPTY indicates if the battery did not manage until 05:00 and the time it ‘failed’

2017-02-01 05:00 16% FULL
2017-02-02 05:00 47% FULL
2017-02-03 05:00 43% FULL
2017-02-04 05:00 42% FULL
2017-02-05 05:00 36% FULL
2017-02-06 05:00 45% FULL
2017-02-07 05:00 38% FULL
2017-02-08 05:00 54% FULL
2017-02-09 05:00 33% FULL
2017-02-10 05:00 46% FULL
2017-02-11 05:00 54% EMPTY @21:09 20%
2017-02-12 05:00 14% FULL
2017-02-13 05:00 58% FULL
2017-02-14 05:00 55% FULL
Charge Discharge usage.
Inner Temps
Hi dawkinsp,

I was looking at your capacity results and I was thinking that as you have been reaching 100% most days for more than a few hours then you need a bigger battery.

My thinking is that ideally you don't need to ever get to 100% capacity as 90% of a 10kWh battery would be far better than 100% of a 7kWh battery. Also the 85% discharge you are getting some days maybe avoided with greater capacity. Hours at 100% means a lot of potential storage is lost.

Regards BYS.

I totally agree with you on that and I am just waiting for the prices to drop a little bit more before adding to the battery capacity.

Kind Regards,

In Cornwall? Centrica are offering battery storage to 100 Cornish homes with solar PV. 300 householders have already expressed an interest though, so if you're interested don't delay!
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