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Smart Metering Solar Usage & Export statistics

Thanks for that very full reply, Keith.  I guess we use a lot less hot water than you as there are only two of us.

I'll see how we go with the Solar iBoost.  The only modification I am considering is to replace the 27“ immersion heater with a 36” one to heat more of the tank.

I'll be writing a short note on the iBoost when I've learnt a bit more about how it's performing.  But one thing is obvious is that the 200W threshold means that no immersion heating takes place on dull days at this time of the year.  The i2 would have an advantage here as there is no threshold I believe.


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Smart Metering Solar Usage & Export statistics

Hi Steve,

The i2 with the latest revision software is set at 30 watts but is adjustable down to zero if you want to experiment; I have mine set at 30. I had a look at the iBoost that you have, and I am guessing that it has the 200 watt buffer to attempt to offset the fact it will be slower to respond to generation changes due to it being a wireless device, than a device that is directly connected.

I have an OptiSmart sensor on my consumer meter that is connected to a separate CC EnviR monitor and I upload that to PVOutput as an extended data output, along with the Generation and Consumption. This tells me when I am importing, and I can see if and when any power is imported throughout the day. With the i2, power is never imported when the sun goes behind a cloud or someone fires up the electric kettle (if there is sufficient generation), the speed at which it adjusts the output to the immersion is quite remarkable.

I look forward to your report on the iBoost in due course, and wish you every success with your system.

regards Keith

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Smart Metering Solar Usage & Export statistics

Here goes. Export as a percentage of total generation and export figures in kWhs.  Jan12 to Mar12 46.2%  225 kWh.   Apr12 to Jun 12 57.2% 657 kWh.  Jul 12 to Sep 12 55.2% 610 kWh.  Oct 12 to Dec 12 33% 89 kWh.  Jan 13 to Mar 13 39.4% 117kWh.  Apr 13 to Jun 13 58.73% 730 kWh.  Jul13 to Sep 13 60.64% 724 kWh.  Oct 13 to Dec 13 39% 100kWh.  Jan 14 to Mar 14 49.24%  229 kWh. Not sure if this helps but never mind!  Howard.

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