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Is this forum past its sell by date?

Apart from the occasional interesting post (usually by longstanding users that I recognise) this forum seems to have been in serious decline for a while. We have been through a few bouts of spam which may have put some off. Or maybe our systems are now mature and we all know most things we need/wish to know.

Sheffield do not seem to take any interest or do anything much with our data. The last report was Q1 2017. The performance map has always been pretty useless as it is biased by one or two systems that have unbelievable performances (e.g. URN 7053 north of Newcastle-on-Tyne - if those data are real I'd love to know how they are achieved).

There are topics still of great interest to me eg storage systems, whether it's worth installing PV with the greatly reduced FIT rates.

Maybe I'm just in grumpy mood but what do others think?

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