November 2013 Report

There are some very unrealistic results included in the averages which will bias them e.g. URN 6070.  Please could a manual reality check be made on the maxima (kWh/kWp) before the averages are finalised?

Steve Rogers URN215

Hi Steve,

kWh/kWp values above a certain threshold are exclude from the min/mean/max and graphs and highlighted in red. This threshold is defined as the mean of all data plus 4 sigma, and is shown along the bottom of the table ("Maxcheck"). As such, the August data for URN6070 was excluded but the July data was not. If you wanted to change this, you could try setting the maxcheck threshold to plus 1, 2 or 3 sigma. To make it easier to do this, i've added a field to the attached spreadsheet below the kWh/kWp table where you can edit this value (cell C450). The excluded values are automaticaly updated so you'll see the graph change accordingly.

Hope this is helpful,

Jamie (SSF Team)

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