January 2014 Report

January 2014 Report

The January analysis is now available via the performance maps. Download the spreadhseet report and newsletter here.

This month's spreadsheet includes data from all installations, including those whose data is donated en-masse from our commercial donors (which has previously been excluded from the spreadsheet). If anyone experiences issues using the spreadsheet as a result of the increased size, comment below and I will upload a more concise version as in previous reports.

This month's newsletter includes a two page feature on how to use the analysis results to identify under-performance or failure in your installation.

Here's the two-page feature as a separate document.

Jamie (SSF Team)

Here's the regional capacity factor for January 2014. Grey regions were excluded because we had less than 15 installations.

Jamie (SSF Team)


Is there really an enormous cluster of pv installations in North Tyneside or are there gremlins in your map database?



Hi Alan,

There really is an enormous cluster of installations there thanks to one of our big data donors. There are similar clusters in Stoke-on-Trent, Nottingham, Leicester and a few others.

Good news for any of our individual donors living nearby as there's a plethora of dots to compare with.


Jamie (SSF Team)

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