July 2014 Report

July 2014 Report

The July performance analysis is live on the

, download the spreadsheet report here.

From now on, we'll be publishing the newsletter separately from the analysis results such that we can publish the results as soon as possible whilst having a consistent date for newsletters.

Crikey, 13th of the month must be a record - well done!

Cheers Roger,

We've decided to start publishing the spreadsheet report as soon as the analysis is done, which basically translates to the next (working) day after the MIDAS data is released. Sometimes they release it as early as the first week of the month, so watch this space for an even earlier August report!

We'll publish the newsletter separately towards the end of each month at which point we'll send out the report reminder email notifying everyone. For anyone keen to see the results as soon as the spreadsheet is uploaded, i'd recommend subscribing to the reports using the link at the top of the reports section main page.

On a completely separate note, here's an animation (gif) of the regional monthly capacity factor for 2012 and 2013 in case it's of interest to anyone. It's by no means a finished piece, but i thought it might be an idea to incorporate the map as an interactive feature one day - please email feedback to solar@sheffield.ac.uk.

Jamie (SSF Team)

Ah, what a good idea to 'subscribe' to the Reports page, in order to get an alert to each newly available months' results. I hadn't noticed that we could do that :-)

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