New Performance Checker

New Performance Checker

We've just launched a new feature of the website to help make it easier for you to monitor the performance of your system(s) by comparing them with nearest neighbours...

You can access the feature under the My PV section of the site by clicking the 'Compare against neighbours' button under each of your systems. You'll see a plot of generation per kWp over the last 24 months for your system against (up to) the 5 closest matched neighbours. This should make it easier to spot any long-term under performance or system faults since the lines should all be very close together if all is well.

We've also included an algorithm to automatically identify under performance during the last six months.  This compares your system with hundreds of others and gives a red or green light to signal whether there's cause for concern.  If you see an amber light, we don't have enough information on your system yet. You can find out more about how the feature works by clicking the help icons at the bottom of each section.

If you think you're system might be under-performing, you're welcome to contact us for advice.

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  1. Aldous Everard

    Aldous Everard on 04/08/2015 10:37 a.m. #

    Thanks for your comment dominator99. It's great to get positive feedback when something works well for our site users.

  2. Roger Thompson

    Roger Thompson on 31/10/2015 11:01 p.m. #

    Sounds very interesting, dominator99 :-) Keep me posted, as I also have a twin-string.

  3. Roger Thompson

    Roger Thompson on 31/10/2015 11:03 p.m. #

    (It was, of course, for the 'nearest neighbour' part that I was querying the usefulness of Sheffield's checker.)

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