New Feature: Subscribe to News & Reports

New Feature: Subscribe to News & Reports

Some of you may have noticed that since the new site launched we haven't been sending emails to alert you when new newsletters/reports are posted to the site. This is because we intend to use a much more ad-hoc approach to posting news and reports on the site from now on, with all members of the team posting sporadically to the News & Reports section of the site with site updates, spreadsheet reports, news, announcements etc.

As of today, you can choose to subscribe to the News & Reports section and receive email alerts when a new entry is posted! To opt-in to the alerts, go to the My Account link at the top-right of the page (once logged in) - you'll see a new check box to allow you to opt-in to these alerts.

As with all new features on the site, there may be some bugs so please get in touch if you think it's not working or anything else is awry.

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  1. Roger Thompson

    Roger Thompson on 29/10/2015 12:14 a.m. #

    But Microgen data donors don't seem to be using this feature, do they?
    Wouldn't a straight replacement for the old website's 'subscribe to Forum' feature be more effective?

  2. Jamie Taylor

    Jamie Taylor on 29/10/2015 12:13 p.m. #

    Hi Roger,

    This feature was requested by a donor so they could keep up to date with spreadsheet reports etc.

    I've added your request to our issue tracker for the site, but I should warn you that I already looked into this when we redeveloped the site and anticipate it could take a lot of work, so it probably won't be ready for a while.

    Best wishes


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