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New Feature: Subscribe to News & Reports

New Feature: Subscribe to News & Reports

Some of you may have noticed that since the new site launched we haven't been sending emails to alert you when new newsletters/reports are posted to the site. This is because we intend to use a much more ad-hoc approach to posting news and reports on the site from now on, with all ...

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New Performance Checker

New Performance Checker

We've just launched a new feature of the website to help make it easier for you to monitor the performance of your system(s) by comparing them with nearest neighbours...

You can access the feature under the My PV section of the site by clicking the 'Compare against neighbours' button under each of your ...

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October 2014 newsletter

October 2014 newsletter

The run up to the new website, an international renewables conference in Sheffield, and new technologies for the testbed.

September 2014 Report

September newsletter

September newsletter

The September newsletter is available to read here.

August 2014 Report

August newsletter

August newsletter

The August newsletter is now available to read here.

July 2014 Report

July 2014 Report

The July performance analysis is live on the

, download the spreadsheet report here.

From now on, we'll be publishing the newsletter separately from the analysis results such that we can publish the results as soon as possible whilst having a consistent date for newsletters.

Crikey, 13th of the month must be a record - well ...

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June 2014 Report

June 2014 Report

The June performance analysis is live on the

, you can download the spreadsheet report and read the newsletter here.

May 2014 Report

May 2014 Report

I don't see the spreadsheet?

Apologies, the spreadsheet report should now be available to download.

Jamie (SSF Team)