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July 2014 Report

July 2014 Report

The July performance analysis is live on the

, download the spreadsheet report here.

From now on, we'll be publishing the newsletter separately from the analysis results such that we can publish the results as soon as possible whilst having a consistent date for newsletters.

Crikey, 13th of the month must be a record - well ...

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June 2014 Report

June 2014 Report

The June performance analysis is live on the

, you can download the spreadsheet report and read the newsletter here.

May 2014 Report

May 2014 Report

I don't see the spreadsheet?

Apologies, the spreadsheet report should now be available to download.

Jamie (SSF Team)

April 2014 Report

April 2014 Report

The April analysis is live on the performance maps, download the spreadsheet report and newsletter here.

Jamie (SSF Team)

March 2014 Report

March 2014 Report

The March 2014 analysis has been added to the performance maps, download the spreadsheet report and newsletter here.

Data from our bigger data donors is delayed this month, but when it arrives i'll also be uploading more regional capacity facotr analysis - watch this space!

Jamie (SSF Team)

Case Studies - Prediction of PV Potential in Specific Locations

February 2014 Report

February 2014 Report

The February analysis has been published to the performance maps, and the spreadsheet report and newsletter can be found below.

January 2014 Report

January 2014 Report

The January analysis is now available via the performance maps. Download the spreadhseet report and newsletter here.

This month's spreadsheet includes data from all installations, including those whose data is donated en-masse from our commercial donors (which has previously been excluded from the spreadsheet). If anyone experiences issues using the spreadsheet as a result ...

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November 2013 Report

There are some very unrealistic results included in the averages which will bias them e.g. URN 6070.  Please could a manual reality check be made on the maxima (kWh/kWp) before the averages are finalised?

Steve Rogers URN215

Hi Steve,

kWh/kWp values above a certain threshold are exclude from the min/mean/max ...

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October 2013 Report